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Children of Eden

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Act 2, Scene 7: She Talked to Me.

This week I spoke with a member of the Children of Eden audience. He loved the show.  He said, “I felt like Eve was speaking to me.  As the show went on I felt that everyone on the stage was talking to just me.”  Bingo!… read more.

Act 2, Scene 6: The Lady on the Bench

Last night, after the curtain rang down on Children of Eden, I saw a grand-mother type sitting on a bench in the lobby.  Her walker stood close by, as she sat with a plastic-covered cluster of flowers and a show “Matroon” in her lap.  I wondered how many times she supported someone… read more.

Act 2, Scene 5

We have had two great reviews.  I don’t worry about reviews in general. There is one aspect that bothers me.  The Music Guild is the only theater in the area which uses a full pit for every production. Yet, the Music Director and the pit orchestra rarely are mentioned in the review. … read more.

Act 2, Scene 3: My Fault

July20: We ran the second third of Children of Eden last night.  It did not go as well as the night before.  The two major set pieces need to move from place to place which caused some trouble.  I did not castor them, I put metal glides on them.  It used to work well, but we have… read more.

Act 2, Scene 2: One Third in Place

July 19: Last night we placed the first third of Children of Eden together.  All the individual dancing, singing and acting came together in an exciting forty minutes.  I added all the young storytellers and the set moves.  Up until this time, was the only person who knew how it all worked… read more.

Dance, Gypsy, Dance.

The first day at the Music Guild is filled with anticipation.  We assemble the set in the morning. When the actors arrived in the evening, most of them look around, and never realize the planning and effort it takes to have even the simplest of set up in one day. I worked with Corinne on props and… read more.

Act 1: Scene 17: Good bye to the Garage.

July 15: The Butterworth Garage has served its purpose.  We have accomplished a great deal of work on Children of Eden in a short amount of time in its confines.  Tonight, the cast sang the big chorus numbers and sounded very impressive.  They reviewed two of the large dance numbers. … read more.

Act 1, Scene 16" The Frut of Eden

July 14:  Every day we get better.  Last night we worked with the Snake Singers, Snake Dancers, the actors who form the Tree of Life and the principles.  It is a complex group who must come together to form a central scene of Children of Eden. With each run of the three scenes we become… read more.

Act 1, Scene 15: Noah's Family

July 12: This week I’ve worked at the park in the morning.  I’ve painted all the pieces I built last week.  Then I study my blocking in the afternoon.  Finally, tonight, I had a full blocking rehearsal.  When I arrived at the Butterworth Garage there were a group of non-scheduled… read more.

One Last Week

July10: Into The Woods opened Friday.  I watched it last night. Everyone did a great job.  I have not worked on Children of Eden all weekend.  This week will be our last week at the Butterworth Garage.  Our rehearsals are progressing as planned and organized.  This week we continue… read more.