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Oh, Bats!

During Damn Yankees we seemed to have a trained, live Bat in the cast.  The Music Guild was a semi-outdoor theater in those days.  It was a turn-of-the-century Chichewa building built in a quaint in-town park.  It was enclosed, but not heated or air conditioned.  The side doors… read more.

The Last Time I Sort Gels

In the mid-seventies, the most important new member of the Music Guild Family was Jim Lewis.  He was the lighting designer.  Jim and I became great friends. He formed a group of talented young men know collectively as “The Light Guys.”  For the next few years, they illuminate… read more.

Enter The Costume Shop

In 1976, if you asked most people at the Music Guild, “Who started the Music Guild costume shop?” They would answer - Nancy Lee. They would be wrong.  Here is the story.  The costumes we were renting from the costume shops were not satisfactory.  They were grimy, ill-fitting… read more.

Cathy, at First Sight

For the 1976 Music Guild’s season I was designer of all three productions.  Delores Beckman (Becky) was the director of The Music Man.  Becky and I would go on to do many shows together.  I decided to design the entire show using forced two point perspective. It was very time… read more.

Those Black Curtains

The Music Guild has no fly loft.  This is a daunting problem for any Broadway Musical designer.  Since we could not fly in sets, it was necessary to have “cover scenes” to conceal set changes.  As many theaters we have black curtains.  Many times the cover scene would… read more.

"Hooka Parties" '77

A new tradition began around this time, The Hooka Party.  I decided to have a party after each shows dress rehearsal. They were loud affairs.  Beer flowed. Crew and cast members were introduced to “Hooka Punch.” Loud, bawdy, communal group sing-a-longs continued into the wee… read more.

The Grand Hooka '76

 1976 My oldest childhood friend and I were having a quiet beer discussing my new involvement in the Music Guild.  We were roommates in college and now, managed, and played, in an adult softball team.  He could see I was taking on more responsibilities in the theater. He decided… read more.

"Sing That Again Please"

In 1976, every girl who auditioned for The Music Guild’s Jesus Christ Super Star sang, “I Don’t Know How to Love Him.”  Hour after hour the directing staff was blasted with various renditions of the song.  No matter when I would walk by the room, the sometimes correct… read more.

Play Selection '76 - Superstar

I was becoming a perennial member of the Music Guild’s play selection committee.  In 1976 one of the shows we chose was Jesus Christ Super Star. When we brought the slate to the board meeting we were met with a minister.  We never saw him before and we never saw him again. … read more.

The Crew's Line

The director wanted 8 tables and 20 chairs on stage for the sidewalk café.  There was also was a large set piece.  To make the change we lined up everyone we could find.  Each person carried a chair or table.  They stretched down the stage left stairs, out the door and down… read more.