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A Nun's Story

An old-time Music Guilder related this story to me. During the Music Guild’s first production of The Sound of Music, she had the part of a nun.  Before one of the performances a lady in the crowd fainted.  It seems our counterfeit nun was also a nurse.  Upon hearing of the lady’s… read more.

Lesson 6: Be at Home.

Don’t worry about being called back.  If it happens, it happens. With the introduction of cell phones the callback process is quick and easy.  Years ago, it took all night.  Usually, about 6pm., on casting Sunday, the directing staff begins making calls.  Try to be close to… read more.

Lesson 5: Go the First Weekend.

I am a firm believer that it is best to audition the first weekend.  I know, not everyone agrees, but let me explain my reasoning.  After the first Sunday, all the directors and their staff meet to discuss auditions.  Directors mention who they have seen and in who they are interested. … read more.

Lesson 3: I'll show them.

Choose an audition song which you find comfortable, is in your range and is easy for the accompanist to play.  Don’t try to impress the staff with your ability to hit a note you can only hit in the shower.  Sheet music covered in sharps and flats may be exciting, but if the accompanist… read more.

Lesson 2: Don't Be First

I believe it is better to audition after the first group.  During the first group auditions, the staff is still deciding how to organize the audition process.  This is especially true of newly formed staffs.  By the second group the “flow” of the audition is established. Actors… read more.


The most important rule in the auditioning process is: you have to audition.  I’ve heard actors say. “They probably won’t cast me.” If you don’t audition you have un-cast yourself.  Even I have been cast in shows.  Let the staff make the choice.  If you… read more.

Obese View

For years, I exercise walk and swim.  After my heart operation, I average over 15,000 steps a day.  One would think I would lose some weight (eating greens, yogurt and rice cakes); buts that’s for another entry.  As I walk the mall, I love to observe people.  It’s my unscientific… read more.

No Fat Actors

What happened to Sydney Greenstreet, the older Peter Lorre and Margaret Rutherford.  As I watch the latest fashionable movie or hit TV show, everyone resembles a superhero or a Barbie doll, or both. There are no love-handles! It must be difficult to be a plus size actor in today’s world. … read more.

The Young and Hamilton

I was the “Ghost of Directors Past” this last weekend at the Music Guild’s production of A Christmas Carol. While I was sitting in the work room, hoping someone would purchase a “Martoon,” I heard the youth sing.  From the chorus dressing room, I caught the chant of… read more.

Always Young

I attended the dress rehearsal of the Music Guild’s production of A Christmas Carol.  While sitting in the backstage construction room, hawking “Martoons,” I made an interesting observation. I’m the old guy.  After forty-five years at the Music Guild, most everyone is… read more.