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A Hole in the Wall

As a theater, scenic designer, I am always looking at the backgrounds in movies and TV productions.  The other night, I was watching a detective drama.  On the back wall, I saw an interesting painting of a broken door hanging from its hinges.  As I studied the painting, I came to the conclusion… read more.

Sell It

Since I started selling my paintings, often, I am asked, “How can you sell your work?  How can you let it go?”   Everything is for sale!  If I am in the business of selling – it is all for sale.  Some works mean more to me than others. I lose a little of me… read more.

Perfect Pitch

Yesterday, I wondered, “Where are all my paintings?”  I know some people like them, but there is this thought.  Maybe someone purchases my canvases because they are the ugliest things they have ever seen.  They take them home to destroy them, so no one needs to be offended… read more.

Where Do They Go?

It has been over seven years since I started Marsounart.  I wonder where all the paints are?  When I was enrolled in “Independent Honor Study” at ISU, I had to create a series of works in various media. One of the sections concerned a ballet dancer.  I painted four panels… read more.

Math vs. Art

Many of you know I have degrees in both Mathematics and Art.  I taught both Math and Art. The question becomes, “That’s a strange combination?” or, “That’s very left brain, right brain?”  I see both disciplines as “Problem Solving.”  Neither… read more.

My Shoes

I have always had trouble with my point of view.  I get a lot of strange reactions. Point.  Yesterday I happened to look at my feet.  I was wearing shoes that I have had for years, and now I wear when I’m painting. They have five eyelets on each side.  On both shoes the first… read more.

A Nun's Story

An old-time Music Guilder related this story to me. During the Music Guild’s first production of The Sound of Music, she had the part of a nun.  Before one of the performances a lady in the crowd fainted.  It seems our counterfeit nun was also a nurse.  Upon hearing of the lady’s… read more.

Slow Walker

I’ve been walking at the mall for over 20 years.  For the last few years, I work out and swim at the Fitness Center. Years ago, I noticed a little lady, in her 50’s. Obliviously, she was rehabbing from an operation which made walking difficult.  Every labored step coved only a few… read more.

Lesson 6: Be at Home.

Don’t worry about being called back.  If it happens, it happens. With the introduction of cell phones the callback process is quick and easy.  Years ago, it took all night.  Usually, about 6pm., on casting Sunday, the directing staff begins making calls.  Try to be close to… read more.

Lesson 5: Go the First Weekend.

I am a firm believer that it is best to audition the first weekend.  I know, not everyone agrees, but let me explain my reasoning.  After the first Sunday, all the directors and their staff meet to discuss auditions.  Directors mention who they have seen and in who they are interested. … read more.